Wk 15-Art Experience-Finger Painting

I really enjoyed this art activity because I was able to do anything as long as I finger painted. The idea of having no subject was pretty liberating because I didn’t have anything specific that I had to paint. Like for the graffiti activity, we had to do our name in bubble letters and that was hard at first because I had no idea how to do so. I had to practice doing the bubble letters before doing my piece at the Venice Beach Walls On the contrary, this activity didn’t require knowing how to do something because I was able to paint whatever I wanted. The activity itself was very fun, especially being able to use all those colors.  Also, I don’t remember every finger painting so I would say this was my first time every doing it and I loved it. My boyfriend did some finger painting with me too and I must say it was so stress relieving. I thought I was going to finish the finger painting in like 5-10 minutes but no, it was longer. It took me able 20-25 minutes to do this piece, however, it didn’t feel that long. I was really into the finger painting. Overall, I really enjoyed doing this fun art activity, which is one of my favorite!



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