Wk 14-Classmate Conversation-Marissa Sar

This week I spoke to Marissa Sar, a second year at Cal State Long Beach. She is currently undeclared but she is hoping to pursue a career within the health field. Marissa is involved at CSULB and it part of the Flying Samaritans Club. This club has an emphasis in the health field which focuses on educating the CSULB campus community about public health and local and abroad service volunteer opportunities. Marissa mentioned that while being part of this club, she has volunteer at various medical clinics. As far as the question of the week regarding college experience in 2036, Marissa and I shared similar thoughts. Marissa said that she feels that the school library is going to be more technological based, more computers and less books. Like in CSULB, there’s are only books in about 3 floors, so by 2036 there will only be 2 floors with books. Also, Marissa said that students will have to turn in assignments online rather than turning in hard copy/paper written assignments. Overall, we both believe there will be a slight change in college experience during 2036.

Marissa Sar’s Website: https://mar687.wordpress.com


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