Wk 11-Classmate Conversation-Samantha Gomez

This week I spoke to Samantha (Sam) Gomez, a second year at Cal State Long Beach. She is currently undeclared but she is planning to declare her major to Kinesiology. Sam enjoys sports tremendously that she has participated in multiple sports in the past years. She has been in cross country for three years, played soccer for fours years, and has done track and field for four years as well. She is currently in a lacrosse team and she said it was her first time trying this sport. Sam also has a lot of dog like myself. She has five dogs;  three German Shepherds, a Terrier mix, and a Chihuahua mix. Another similarity that Sam and I share is that we were both raised in the city of Compton, however, Sam recently moved to Bellflower a few years ago. As for the question of the week about fan art regarding Demi Lovato, Sam feels that Demi Lovato shouldn’t have reacted the way she did. Instead, Demi Lovato should of appreciated the gesture of the artist.

Samantha Gomez’s Website: https://samanthagomezblog.wordpress.com


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