Wk 10-Art Experience-Social Network

I did my own Social Network of some of my friends and family relatives. The orange lines indicate friendship and the green lines indicate they are family members.

fullsizerender-21)I think the term “social network” is a combination of both real life (RL) friends as well as the friends I connect on cyberspace. However, I do believe there is a stronger social network with the friends I encounter on a daily basis in the RL.

2)Dunbar’s Number does make sense because I don’t think people can have an actual strong connection with more that 150 people. Even 150 people is still a lot. I personally feel that I have a strong connection with about 30 people or even less.

3)When someone has over 1,000 Facebook “friends,” I don’t think people personally know all of those people. I think they might have a strong relationship with a few people but they rest might just be there and possibly not even speak to each other. Most of the time I feel that people are just Facebook “friends” to see what other people are doing. Also, they might only share common interests and not be super close friends.

4) In regard to our Art110 Social Network, I thought it was fascinating to see how everyone had a connection with someone. I knew I had met people but I didn’t realize how many people until Wednesday’s class.

5) I like to have a close relationship with few people. In my opinion, 25 people is more than enough to have a close relationship with. I feel that more than that is too much and there is no point of having a close relationship with someone if you have it with over 100 people.

6)  The people I have on Facebook are either friends, family or people I know from high school or college. I only have a strong relationship with few of my Facebook friends that are my close friend. The rest of the people are just there. I only talk to them when I have a question about something. Most of the time, I do talk to people from my college and we talk about things related to my assigned. Last semester, I remember that a group for one of my class made a group on Facebook and that was where we would communicate regarding out group assignment.



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