Wk 9-Art Experience-Art Care Package

I decided to send this art care packages to 22-year-old Lizette Cabrera from Riverside, CA. Lizette was my best friend from middle school. I say was because after our 8th grade promotion she moved away and I didn’t hear from here until few months ago. I found Lizette on Instagram about 6 months ago and we’ve been catching up on the 8 years of friendship that we missed. I think this art activity fit just perfectly because a few weeks ago I was telling her about some old letters that she wrote to me when we were in middle school. She burst out laughing when I read some of them to her so I decided to include a few of the letters so that she can read them herself. I also included a drawing of an octopus that she drew when we were in 7th grade. Lizette named the octopus Ms. Octopussy and  put braces on it because she wore braces at that time. During middle school, we went to many amusement parks so I included tickets from the time that we went to Knott’s Berry Farm and Six Flags. Also, I included a colorful heart beaded necklace because we would always give each other beaded jewelry when we were best friends. Another item that I included was a program from our 8th grade promotion which was the last time I seen her. The items in this picture are memories from our friendship when we were in middle school.

The other set of items symbolized what she missed when she moved away as well as current things that are happening now. The item that looks like a scroll is an invitation to my Quinceañera which I want her to see because that was a very special party for me. I included the eyelashes and nail polish to show that we have grown up and now we are into getting out manicure done as well as our makeup. The CSULB sticker was also included in the package because I remember we would always tell each other that we were going to go to the same college and live in the dorms together. Now, the Pink gift card is in the package because she loves Pink just like I do. Since I’ve been talking to her now she tells me she really likes that store as well as choker necklaces that’s a reason why I included it too. Finally, I included headlines from a magazine that have to do with the presidential election that is coming up. The items int he picture below is the other set of items that I included in the art care package.


Overall, I enjoyed doing this art care package for Lizette because it has memories from when we were both in middle school. I think sending an art care package is similar to sending a snapchat because they will receive something either way; however, on snapchat you’ll be able to see it through a screen and with an art care package you are able to touch the items. I believe ephemera is something that is valuable because it represents a significant memory. I have plenty of items that I collect over the year. I put them in a box and I open it every once to look at the stuff I have saved. I hope Lizette enjoys this ACP as much as I enjoyed making it for her.



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  1. Glenn Zucman says:

    beautiful work Janett! 😀


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