Wk 8-Art Experience-Sketching in the CSULB Japanese Garden

I love going to the Japanese Garden because it’s so peaceful and relaxing. Ever since I’ve been a student at CSULB I go and visit at least once each semester. This semester I’ve been so busy with school and work that I haven’t had time to visit the Japanese Garden until this week. I had the opportunity to visit and enjoy this beautiful place while completing the art activity for this week. This week’s activity focused on doing various sketching of our surroundings at the Japanese Garden. Before I began on my sketching I bought fish food from the vending machine to feed the beautiful Koi fish. Once I was done feeding the Koi fish, I sat on a rock and began sketching. It was hard to draw and not erase anything, however, the sketching activity that was most challenging was the 30 second sketch. I felt that I was taking longer than 30 seconds so I put a timer on my phone to make sure I staged within the 30 seconds range. After few sketches I got the hang of it and my hands were just moving across my sketch book. I definitely enjoyed doing this art activity because I was able to sketch many things in a setting that was so calm and relaxing.







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