Wk 5-Artist Conversation- Jane Weibel

Exhibition Information

Artist: Jane Weibel

Exhibition: Psycho Cycle

Media: Installation with Ceramics, Photographs, Plastic, String and Paper

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: janeweibel.com

Instagram: janemargarette

About the Artist

Jane Weibel is an undergraduate student in the School of Art’s Ceramics Program at CSULB. She is on her last semester and then she will be receiving a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts option in Ceramics degree. Prior to attending CSULB, Weibel attended San Diego Mesa College in her hometown, San Diego. She explored many career paths before she decided she wanted to pursue a degree in Ceramics. When she first came to CSULB her major was Nutrition but later changed her major to Ceramic since she has always been interesting in the art field.

Formal Analysis

Weibel’s exhibition, Psycho Cycle is an installation with ceramics, photographs, plastic, string and paper. One piece of the Psycho Cycle was a colorful squared cage made out of plastic materials. The plastic materials varied in shape and all the pieces of plastic were joined together to form the large cage. Another piece of the Psycho Cycle was a pile of colorful shredded paper. Also, there were also several rocks made out of ceramics. Each rock had a photograph that was related to a human body parts. Overall, this exhibition was very colorful and interesting because it made people wonder what every piece meant.

Content Analysis

Psycho Cycle is based on Weibel’s identity as a feminist. She believes women do not have as much equality when it comes to their rights so she wanted to create something that expressed her thoughts as a feminist. Weibel created the cage to portray the message of women who feel trapped because they serotyped. The feeling of being trapped makes it harder for women break through. Also, she explained how she created the cage with cheap material and explained why she did so. She said she created the cage with cheap material because she feels that’s how women are treated. The shredded paper was used to express her thoughts of how woman’s identity is being destroyed. Society has created so many expectations for women that make it difficult for them to express themselves. Weibel elaborated on this idea by creating the rocks that symbolized the burden women have to carry.


Psycho Cycle was a very interesting exhibition because of the deep message behind it. At first I thought that the exhibition had to do with something happy because of its colorfulness, especially the cage and shredded paper. I realized I was wrong until I read the paper on the wall that said “I am a feminist.” I tried to make my own interpretation of the pieces before I spoke to Weibel but for the shredded paper I couldn’t think of anything. It was until I spoke to her that I was able to understand the whole meaning behind the shredded paper. The two pieces that I was very interested in was the cage and shredded paper because those two pieces were the only ones that didn’t have a photograph. Weibel later explains that she didn’t include pictures there because she felt they didn’t need any. I really enjoyed this exhibition because there was a strong meaning behind everything.


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