Wk 4-Art Experience-Automatic Drawing


This week I had the awesome opportunity of doing this fun activity. I really enjoyed it because it was so stress relieving. Prior to starting on this activity I was working on other homework that had me so overwhelmed because I had been working on it since 8:00pm (Friday). It was 12:30am (already Saturday) so I decided to take a break and as I was sitting down watching a show on Netflix I remembered I had to do my art activity too. I called my boyfriend, luckily he was still awake and told him to come over so he can help me with my art activity. He was very excited about this art activity that he got to my house very quickly although he thought it was funny how I was doing it so late at night.


We used a poster board from my brother’s old science fair project to place the white sheet of paper. Before starting the activity I played mediating music on Pandora with my laptop.
We then sat on the rug that’s in my living room and we closed our eyes while holding a pastel onto the white sheet of paper. We had agreed we weren’t going to talk only when we were going to change pastels. We began with the black pastel, then the yellow pastel, and finally the green pastel. Our hands were just flowing all around the sheet of paper. There was a moment where my dog, Lucky jumped on top of the sheet of paper but thank god he didn’t mess it up. After some minutes we finally stopped and I really liked how our drawing came out. Overall, it was a great experience and I really enjoyed it because I felt very relaxed in the end.





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