Wk 2-Classmate Conversation-Ruiwen Lin

Messing around with Snapchat filters! 

During the second week of ART110, I had the pleasure of meeting Ruiwen Lin. Her major is Chemical Engineering and she is a fourth year at CSULB. She will graduate at the end of this semester. Ruiwen is from China and she came to the United States five years ago. The reason why she came to the United States is because she wanted to start her career path over here and that is why she is now studying at CSULB. She hasn’t been to China in about two years but she really wants to go back to visit her family. I honestly think it is very brave of her to come and study to the United States without having any family or relatives around. I personally feel I wouldn’t be able to say apart from my family for so long.

The question for this week was, “Is art actually important in today’s world?” Ruiwen and I both agreed art is definitely important because we learn about people. With art people can express their thoughts and feelings. We both think this is very important because people are different and what a great way to use art to express themselves. Also, we discussed that with art we can understand different cultures. We can learn about their culture through music, paintings, drawings and sculptures. Overall, art is very fascinating and definitely important in today’s world.

Ruiwen’s Website: https://linruiwenblog.wordpress.com


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