Wk 1-Art Experience-Plaster Casting


During the first week of ART110, I had the amazing opportunity of making a plaster cast out of my hand. I told my boyfriend, Jose about this art activity and he thought it was going to be a fun experience so I decided to take him with me. We were both excited so we decided to make a trip to the beach as soon as possible.

We went to the beach that is located around Ocean Blvd and Cherry Ave in Long Beach.  Once we arrived, we walked close to the shoreline and my boyfriend asked what were we suppose to do first. I didn’t remember all of the steps so we watched the demonstration videos that are posted on the BeachArts website. We then began the plaster casting process and then had to wait about 30 minutes for the plaster to dry into the mold of my hand. While waiting for the plaster to dry, we decided to take pictures because there was a nice view of the sunset. I remember looking back and I seen a seagull poking my hand casting with its beak. I quickly ran and scared the seagull away. Luckily the seagull didn’t ruin the top of my hand casting. I finally dug out my hand casting and realized my finger didn’t come out complete. I still loved how my hand casting came out because it kind of looks like the rock on hand sign (🤘).

Overall, this art activity was very fun and enjoyable. I was able to complete this assignment as well as enjoy a beautiful day at the beach with my boyfriend. Honestly, I can say this was the first time I had an actual art related experience. I am very excited and I look forward to the different art activities that are planned for the rest of the semester.


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