Wk 1- Classmate Conversation-Amy Becerra

During the first week of ART110, I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Becerra. Her major is Computer Science and this is her first year at CSULB. She graduated this past May from St. Pius X St. Matthias Academy, a private school located in Downey, CA. She was born and raised in Pico Rivera, CA. As far as her art experience, she said, “I don’t have any real art experience, but I did used to draw a lot as a kid. I stopped drawing around middle school and never really picked it up again. Now, I don’t draw at all.” However, she did mention that she takes a lot of pictures and we both agreed this is a form of art that we both share in common. Amy tries to make her pictures look professional and she gets really excited when they look legit and cool.

The question for this week was, “Who is your favorite artist?” When we both read the question we looked at each other puzzled and there was a moment of silence. At first we thought we didn’t have any favorite artist because we considered art as form of image, drawing, painting, or sculpture. As we thought about the question we realized that art could be interpreted in many forms. We decided to talk about our favorite artist within the music industry. Amy’s favorite artist is Marina from Marina and the Diamonds. Marina is a pop artist who Amy admires. She loves her style of singing. She explained why she loves her and said, “it’s pretty different from what’s usually played on the radio and her lyrics touch a lot of issues such as current beauty standards and sexism.” Amy really loves Marina’s style and how she portrays her lyrics in her music videos. Overall, I really enjoyed meeting Amy.

Amy’s Website: https://amybecerraart110.wordpress.com




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